Empty in the End

Yeah, it’s the weekend. Son was up before we were, off to London for the day with a camera. He’s really getting into photography, which pleases me greatly. Recording your existence is an important part of becoming an adult, and with the current obsession with images and reality? It is interesting to see what he will come up with. I had to get him to identify who was in this Nike video… I mean, I got Gareth Southgate and Rio Ferdinand and Harry Kane but the rest are people he can name without thinking. This tells me that Nike grasps the significance not only of their audience but the point of selling directly at them.

What is most pleasing in this video are the number of sportswomen involved. I’m also quite pleased to see a posh, white boy included as part of the demographic. It is the kind of nod to the real definition of diversity that many advertisers would ignore for an opportunity to highlight another reality. The white guy matters rather a lot in Nike’s world, after all. However, if you wanted to make an advert as an accurate representation of London, this is as close to perfect in my mind as you are likely to get, even down to the Year Seven schoolkid and his ridiculously large backpack.


Some days, I feel a bit slow when it comes to what counts as ‘current’ because, undoubtedly, that is not what I am. I annoyed the Hell out of my son this morning by referring to him as ‘fam’, but his musical tastes are already affecting what I write and how I react to the World around me. I wonder if he realises that he’s altered what I am.

Maybe I should take the opportunity once he gets home from his day out to tell him.