After the worst opening two hours of a day for some time, there was only one thing for it.


Exercise makes me more mentally productive. There is totally no doubt that it promotes feelings of calm, relaxation and happiness. On days like today, it also has the ability to alter bad to good. I can’t fix the stuff that happened, but this will allow the ability to improve the rest of Tuesday.


I took my rest day from the bike yesterday because of lots of upper body shiz, and my legs still aching from Sunday, but tonight I’ll be working towards my NEW ZWIFT achievement. It’s a fairly well-worn gaming staple: finish a certain task, get some free shiz. I have no idea what I’ll get at the end of cycling through Italy, except the enjoyment of imagining what that might be like for real. I should get to do that during the Summer, whatever happens. We’re already planning an overland trip, so fingers crossed…


For now, I even managed to get some Novel done yesterday, and if I can clear the blogging decks by lunchtime, the same will happen today. Next big aim is 60k, which involves a bunch of stuff not yet written… but that’s doable. I know what has to happen in the spaces, so that’s fine. I just have to make it happen…