Scary Monsters and Super Creeps

I’ve taken a Mental Health day from Social Media for the first time in several years. It has nothing to do with any particular incident or event in virtual reality: all my issues are wrapped around the last, fairly viscous throws of menopause. The straw that broke me yesterday was the realisation my voice has dropped, quite considerably, over a period of 48 hours. It suddenly put into perspective the mental issues I’ve been experiencing over the last week, and honestly, I’d just like everybody else to just go away for a bit.

It gives the opportunity to make better Novel progress than was achieved yesterday but didn’t take place due to pure mental incapability. Faculties are most definitely better than they were, mostly because I’ve taken away one of the potential areas of contention… and the 40k cycling done last night very much helped. If I’m honest, I’m operating at about 80%, and that means that if I can just take away the various issues affecting mind and body, everybody’s life will end up better.

It doesn’t help that I’ve had to deal with two sick kids this week and that Mr Alt’s been on site until late most evenings. In the end, to keep the momentum going and sanity intact, I need to have a bit of peace and focus on getting back up to speed, and this is the best way. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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