Winter Trees

The normal thirty minute School run this morning took two hours. I’m thinking of going to the Gym shortly and not bothering to come back and heading straight back for the return journey. It may be bright sunshine now but all this will do is melt the top of the snow, meaning when it gets dark and everything freezes again, we’re left with sheet ice. Right now we’re at two and a bit inches (five centimetres) which is fine, assuming everybody else learns to drive between now at 3.30pm. Yeah, I know.

Gave blood last time (four done, six to go for my badge) and have already booked the next session in June, post-Eroica, so no worries about training or performance. I feel surprisingly good this morning but I’ll only go walk at the Gym whatever happens, and it will be a gentle cycle tonight. I think my eating plan pre-donation may have worked well, and I’ll leave weighing myself again until next week as a result. For now, I should really go get some fuel for the rest of the day, and maybe grab summat at the Gym cafe for lunch.

Yes, that’s a plan.

[EDIT: all changed, need to head west to pick up son who’s being let out early and east for daughter, who ended up coming home an hour early anyway. Here’s the best of the day’s pictures.]