Cough Cough


Day Three: Daughter is sick, her school is open. Son’s just relieved his school is closed and he gets another lie-in. I’ve spent the night taking care of the youngest and listening to the wind outside. There was no new snow while it was dark but this morning is horribly grey. It’s minus 3 out, and a 50/50 chance we will get more white shit later. I’ll chip the car out and make a run to a supermarket because we need stuff. However, what’s more likely to happen first is me having a kip, because fuck, I’m tired.

It seems like a week ago since I gave blood on Monday, but traditionally this is my worst day post-donation. After what was really a very gentle exercise session yesterday I was dead for hours afterwards, having to go and have a 30-minute power nap yesterday afternoon to make it through the evening. Lots of drinking today, lots of energy-rich foods that aren’t 100% sugar… and tonight we will get on a bike for the first time in three days. I won’t hit my weekly goal for miles, but it had to happen eventually.

If all else fails, I’m happy to walk everywhere.