I’m finally cold. It’s taken about two and a bit years, but the end of my Menopausal sweats is coming. More often than not now I’m having to put clothing on than take it off, except when I’m in the Gym. Then all I want to do is exercise naked, but this is not hugely practical. Today, however, is another piece to the puzzle of how I evolve past where body and mind currently inhabit.

Today, I’m running with attitude.

I’ll do a longer post on this once it’s been properly tested, but this on my shoe is a Stryd. It’s a fancy pedometer, that works with the recently launched Zwift Run app, and I’ve wanted to use it at the Gym for a while. This was the last of my birthday money from last year, and the rest is existing tech I already possess: heart rate monitor, iPad.

The plan today is to take it to the Gym and see what happens.

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