Bang Bang


This morning, getting in from the School Run, I needed an iPad cable. Finding one, I then attempted to exit the front room, tripped over my feet and fell. This happens all the time, and normally all that is affected is my dignity and a shin/knee. This time I fell really hard taking all the impact on my left elbow and wrist. I knew summat was up when the lower half of my arm refused to operate, and then it was a case of deciding what happened next. A&E is 10 minutes walk away, but I was pretty confident nothing was broken. So, I called my Physio, and within an hour someone had established the extent of my injuries is bruising as of right now.

After that, I have a treatment plan, list of exercises to do, and instructions on how I reduce the swelling. It will be at least 72 hours before I can drive, which is a bit of an issue with acting as daughter’s taxi service. Today my son was a hero and took me to get her by bus, and I’ve arranged the last two days of pickups without issue. The only problem for her is a bit of an early start tomorrow and Thursday, but as Friday is Easter? We can sort this. The biggest hurt for me is that I’ll not be lifting for at least two weeks, possibly longer. It will depend on what damage emerges once the swelling’s gone, and that will be at least a week :/

Yes, there have been a lot of tears today. But as I can still type, albeit with care and both hands? I’ll cope.

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