Still Alive


By far my biggest single issue is obsessing about the things I should just let happen by themselves.

However, occasionally there’s a moment where concern about something becomes justified, and my worries that the course of tablets prescribed for a chest infection was doing more harm than good ended up as being the right call. As a result, there are new drugs and a distinct improvement from this time last week, which frankly feels like a lifetime ago. I don’t see any point in writing about what happened, on reflection. Sometimes, you don’t need to share everything.

I’m on light duties in the brain department, until Monday when we’ll go back to Work Mode (TM). For now, having got the all clear to begin exercising again, I’m working on arm rehab and getting back to approximating normal routines. There’ll be work on back end stuff across the weekend, the beginnings of which will be apparent to those of you paying attention. Mostly, it is reassuring to be back to ‘normal.’

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