The Chain

Suddenly, photography has become very important.

It really helps that the weather is glorious: body’s being forced into daily exercise as part of the rehab process on my left arm, which means walking to and from the Physio/Gym. Forcing mind to consider what is around me isn’t a stretch, but it is a challenge. With the good weather, Spring is the easy, default thing to get grabbed by, especially as the process of bloom and growth is often overlooked. I’m only using my shitty iPhone camera too, nothing fancy, but what is possible by doing so is impressive. When one stops thinking about equipment and focus is shifted to composition alone?

Freedom becomes a basis to simply relax into imagery.

Today’s the first time I won’t have any drugs in my system for several weeks: additional painkillers are finally surplus to requirement. I’m not gonna lie, this has been an unpleasant and often frightening period, and all I’d like now is the return to something approximating ‘normal.’ It has also been quite enlightening in terms of the people who matter or, in some cases, I thought did but perhaps don’t. Again, if I get hung up on details, life isn’t nearly as enjoyable or fulfilling.

This is the moment to simply keep moving forward.

There will be a lot more visual to my Twitter feed going forward. I’ll be organising myself to use imagery a lot more robustly. That means going out to new places and finding things to take pictures of.

Plans are already being made.

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