Police and Thieves


Whilst I was unwell, NCIS saved my Soul.


The man responsible for this concept also created Quantum Leap, a show that remains on the ‘guilty pleasures’ list after many decades. It’s a procedural, and I’ve enjoyed those well before CSI made science sexy on TV. If you want one reason why this show is so interesting, casting provides part of the answer. The NCIS team are an eclectic bunch, including David McCallum (Man from UNCLE, Sapphire and Steel) as the Coroner. However, the writing consistently shines, built around an embedded backstory thread that just keeps on giving. I’ve done Season One and am well into Season Two, with absolutely no regrets.


Sometimes it creaks, I won’t lie. Other times it surprises, which is always a bonus in a TV show. It is the quirks in characters that often carry entire episodes, with guest star turns that never disappoint. The Season Two opener, for instance, stars David Keith in a role that almost looks as if it were written for him, which is wonderfully taught with the obligatory Third Act sting. I’ve yet to see a bad episode, and that for me makes TV that stops being casual and evolves into compelling.


It also helps greatly that the women presented aren’t just smart, clever and independent, they’re made that way. It is a realistic view of the World as I see it.

I look forward to losing myself in the weeks to come.

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