Strange Days

Yesterday I acted as chaperone to my daughter and her best mate. We travelled to London in order to see two blokes called Dan and Phil spend a couple of hours on stage doing stuff that their audience absolutely loved. I’m not gonna lie here, it was a bit bemusing at times, but considering how much everybody else enjoyed themselves, it was clearly an amazingly brilliant night. Both girls cried. There were Beatles levels of screaming. I did genuinely laugh a few times, and there were enough gags to make it entertaining even for the person with no clue what ANY of the references meant.

It was, at times, oddly surreal. Queues for the ladies were at new levels. Everybody was SUPER polite, and when Phil’s brother was spotted in the ViP seating area closest to us, some quite amazing outbreaks of fangirl vapours were experienced at first hand. My husband was kind enough to come get us afterwards, which resulted in an amazing one hour’s worth of rabid Pokemon Go catching and bag filling. I was even able to earn some coins by shoving my collection into various Gyms. All in all, it was a satisfying evening’s work.

That was yesterday. Now, I’m off to a Garden Centre in Gym kit before walking lots of places and exercising arms that can now start building strength again.

It’s gonna be a good weekend.

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