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I’m not feeling great today so this will be my only foray into Online Reality as a result.

There’s a disturbing trend of late, amongst ‘high profile’ people that I follow: by that, people with high four or low five-figure follower counts. It’s become fashionable to bash Social media when people try to use it for good. Some also seem to love to highlight the bad stuff you can find online without grasping any kind of flipside. It is disappointing to watch this happen, especially from those who I respect or admire. What the process does is further devalue positivity that does exist in places such as Twitter. Ignoring the good to further personal agendas, whether unconsciously or otherwise, is not a great idea; ultimately things only get worse as a result.


Some of you may baulk at ‘artificial motivation’ or ‘false positivity’ that gets thrown around too but really, truthfully, that shit actually works for those of us who often have to fake it for the cameras. You might shudder at pages of stuff for meditation or relaxation online, or wonder how anyone could learn stuff from the Internet that is of any use but people do and are. The bad stuff is simpler to highlight because that’s more profit for other people to report and make money from. Cute stories only make you feel good to a point, and often they won’t get the kind of reaction certain Social media users are angling for.

I see you people. You’re smart and intelligent human beings but can’t help jumping on a bandwaggon which, ultimately, drags all of us further down into oblivion. It goes back to the posts I’ve written in the week: sometimes saying nothing is far preferable to diving in and contributing. Let people enjoy their stuff without holding it up for ridicule, however well-meaning you may believe that to be. Sometimes, being stupid and pointless has a point. Sometimes, by pointing out what appears to be stupidity, you become part of the problem.

[See: Vegan Ice Cream Girl]

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