Not Going Out

On days like today, there is a worry whether the right thing or not has been done. Should the error in certain things be pointed out. Has that Tweet said what it needed to. Would there have been a more effective means by which that thing might have been completed. It is not pleasant when there’s no means to know, and personal judgement has to be enough. I hate having to be my own arbiter sometimes.

Except today, there was a revelation whilst sitting, waiting to deal with an issue.

What if you’d done nothing?


Sometimes, there comes a moment when the answer is not pulling up the covers and refusing to address issues. However much easier it is, doing nothing is not a solution to certain inescapable truths. It may make you cry in the car for fifteen minutes afterwards and destroy your ability to function in the short term but long term? Everything changes. If it is just your life that is affected then arbitration duties alter, but when you’re responsible for other people?

Making that call could completely alter their lives.


All the things that were in my hands at breakfast are no longer simply my issue to deal with. I’ve done the best I can. There’s a Physio booked tomorrow to make sure my back issues aren’t more serious than they currently feel. After that, all that can be done, is.

I have to trust that is enough and move on.

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