Better Days

I’ve been suffering from the after-effects of the arm injury for a while. Having had to over-compensate with my right side for a few weeks, getting everything back to a) normal and b) balanced has been a bit stressful. Also, having shifted emphasis to core work for a bit whilst arm returns to previous levels of fitness means that shortcomings in hips and back became more pronounced. A week’s worth of discomfort from pulling a lower back muscle was finally sorted yesterday, highlighting how tight my left hip had become. That’s a long-term issue that stems from an injury almost twenty years ago.

Finally, blissfully this morning, my hip clicked back into place.


The temptation now is to throw myself back into full-on exercise, but instead there’ll be a nice long walk to the Gym shortly, followed by lots of stretching. The reason why the back got fucked this time last week was thinking I could do more than was actually possible, then pushing myself past a safe limit. Slow and steady has always won this race, and therefore it is back to the routine, just with a little less enthusiasm.

This will at least help quell rising panic over the large number of organised bike rides I’m about to become a part of in the next month :D

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