Look Up

Thursday has become weigh in day at the Gym. However, yesterday marks the two year anniversary of me starting a concerted journey to fitness. The Boditrax machine I use to gauge progress is capable of telling me exactly what that means in terms of how body has changed, and yesterday’s snapshot of health is… well, a revelation.
You don’t need to lose weight to get fitter. In my case, this is proof positive that being lied to by my scales at home is doing far more harm than good. When you understand how efficient I am at converting fat to muscle, a under one kilo increase in body weight is pretty much irrelevant. That equation was bought home by this week’s numbers, first time weight’s been taken since the arm injury and the subsequent forced lay-off.

I’ve lost an inch around my waist in the last month, mostly from ensuring there’s daily exercise and effort to increase my heart rate. Although not close as yet to pre-accident weightlifting numbers, it is close. This is also the salutatory wake-up call that numbers only matter with the right context, facts are truth only after you are able to reconcile their significance in relation to a larger picture that is not centred inside yourself.

For me, the revelation of these numbers cannot as yet be properly described.

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