The Last Time

Things Alt has Learnt This Week

is most definitely a Thing.


I’d like to apologise to my family, who undoubtedly faced the brunt of this last night.

In the end, I didn’t have that burger, I went for the Special, but if you want those details they’ll be saved to the fanzine later. However, before that point there was definitely some irritation at play. Having now embraced my hangry tendencies, it is time to ensure that they don’t end up irritating more than just the occasional family trip out. It is time to start shoving snacks in my handbag.

Consequences have Actions


Everybody has a movie-mad friend who’ll use quotes from films as a means of sound-tracking their own lives. I’ve written characters like this in fiction, who mirror other such characters written in fiction, self-referencing themselves. It’s a reminder that your world, whatever shape it happens to be in, will undoubtedly end up as being a meta version of itself. This week has made a very salient point: it isn’t just your actions which present consequences. That works the other way around.

What happens as a result of what you do will, in turn, dictate action going forward.

That lesson has been learnt, with knobs on.

I am Good Enough.


Trying to explain to other people why there is only so much self-help bollocks I can stomach in one sitting seems to be something of a theme in previous weeks. I can be kind, but sometimes everything, all at once is literally too much to cope with and there has to be a step back. This week, that’s begun on Social media.

Real life is now an overriding priority, and any aspirations must be tempered with the inescapable reality that sometimes, what you want is not as important. Therefore, once this is written I’ll be off out for the day, taking pictures, and catching up on everything else when there is time.

When the wake-up call comes, get up.

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