Always on My Mind

What the last couple of days has demonstrated, at least to me, is that history is becoming more subjective with each passing event, and this is a problem.

Why anybody is surprised that Roseanne’s fucked up is beyond me. That’s pretty much how she has plied her trade over the entirety of a career which, let’s face facts, has never just been quiet and safe. The difference between Then and Now, of course, is the speed at which she fucked it up for everybody else on her TV show. Cancelling something with ratings that high within a week of the offence is, quite frankly, a game changer.

History, you see, is awfully subjective when it suits the people involved. For example, a man was yesterday jailed for contempt of court over filming outside a Court where filming and reporting was banned. This man was already on notice, and had been warned that if he repeated his actions, there would be jail time. This was a discussion topic on Friday in this house because of the shared video that was made and sent to Facebook, by which time conspiracy theories were blooming.

Except, the truth remains intractable. Watching random Twitter antagonists fuelling the fire of this yesterday and being beaten down with facts by British legal professionals was, quite frankly, a joy to behold. History may yet be an interpretation of what you as an individual consume, but parts of it remain, and always be nothing to do with you, however fucking hard you try to get involved.

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There’s also a fuss in the Gaming World about Battlefield 5 right now, which no longer counts as ‘realistic’ historical fiction because there’s girls in it with prosthetic limbs. I’m fairly confident that even though these games may look and play as ‘realistic’ that was always where their similarity to actual war summarily ended. Lots of games get glamorised to pull in players and then end up fucking themselves royally because there’s no where left to go. You can only bleed so much cash out of an idea. Then, it needs to be put aside, and everybody should move on.

Except film and TV studios and game companies don’t like taking chances on the new. They prefer safe, proven warhorses which pull in cash. That’s why Ms Barr got her TV gig back, after all. Making fun of Hitler didn’t ruin Mel Brooks’ career, so really, what was the worst that could have happened…? I think, what yesterday proves, beyond a doubt, is that if you currently wanna sail against the conventional tide of public opinion, there’s a decent chance you’ll need a bigger boat. Also, your legal standpoint will have to be fucking bulletproof.

Maybe, as the influence of instant opinion continues to evolve, more individuals will grasp that trying to please everybody is a waste of time and it might be the moment to concentrate not on what makes money, but what is actually enjoyable.

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