Is there Anybody Out There?

So, here’s the deal.

On most days, the only people I get to speak to who are known locally are my family. Apart from my trainer, the physio team at the Gym and my Hairdresser, there is nobody with whom regular communication takes place. There’s no-one who I am close to, without a journey of at least an hour. This is undoubtedly why the Internet has become a place that acts more as a support network… except now, there’s a distinct feel that my own needs no longer mesh with many of those of the people around me.

I need to find some new places to hang out, without alienating the people that already really care, and this is something I have no real idea of how to do. There doesn’t seem to be a part of the Internet put aside for instructions on how to do this. Rather than start worrying about it or arbitrarily throwing everything up in the air, it seems better to be honest with everyone and simply state that, as of today, focus needs to shift. The process of new stuff is already setting anxiety on edge, but now it has to be done, before it it too late.

So, as of today, if you see an alteration in feeds, my work ethic or outlook, it is because there has to be a sea change in what matters long-term. I’m already aware that there will be consequences: so be it. Whatever you do, sometimes, somebody gets hurt. Rest assured, however, I’m not changing my life to upset you. I’m doing it to help me survive.

Thank you for your understanding and support, wherever you are.

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