White Knight

Yesterday there was no guilt about not writing, because the weekend is free and a lot can be done when focus is bought to bear. The problem isn’t that content doesn’t exist, it remains around what are now learning and concentration issues that cannot be ignored any longer. Multitasking is not my forte when tired, and the last few weeks have been exhausting. However, I knew that with a day of physical rest and decent kip, it would all be okay again, and so it is.

This weekend therefore is about shoving two lots of exercise, three games of football, six writing posts plus a bunch of much needed archiving into a day,  thus leaving me Sunday to play computer games, do the garden and write poetry. It helps that yesterday I got a ton of relaxational stuff off a piece of paper and into reality, so there can be the sense that all parts of the spectrum are being addressed. It helps I can play a mobile game between bursts of effort for a mental break. All I’d like now is to stop sneezing, and life would be perfect.

Without further ado, therefore…

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