Free Your Mind


Welcome to Week 26, people, exactly halfway through 2018.

This is not where I’d expected to be. I’m still happier than at any point in the previous decade or so, and certainly more productive, but there is work to do. Therefore, this morning, I took my daughter to school and then went straight to the Gym. After a Pokemon had been put in it, I drove to a REAL Gym and did an hour’s work, and that’s what will happen every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout the Summer.

It is time to see if I can actually do my body justice.


A decision I made in the Real World has come back to haunt me, as it transpired the instigated actions have cause more harm than good. There is nothing that can be done now, of course, except apologise to the person concerned and move on. What this has done however is push brain to reconsider a lot of what has been thought as the ‘right’ thing to do of late, based on what appears to have been an incorrect assessment of situation. Not everybody needs or wants help, after all.


The best course of action right now is to just work hard and stop stressing about the stuff that can’t be fixed, and instead focus on improving things that are within my control.

That’s an easy task.

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