Man of War


I am really looking forward to a lie in. I know this is wishful thinking on a Tuesday morning, but already this week is hard on body and brain. However, the potentials for creativity are coming fast and furious, which is reassurance after a couple of weeks where that kind of inspiration has been thin on the ground. Rest assured, everything is being written down, and I’ll be using at least some of this to form the basis of a poetry submission for next month.


The whole ‘no bread’ thing’s really beginning to bite today, but there’s encouragement from the scales so it is worth keeping strong. Also, last night I thought I’d lost a 50 minute Zwift workout when the laptop died (plug in your devices kids, or they don’t charge) but fortunately, it survived the reboot. I also ran yesterday, and there’s a new exercise plan in place going forward. Because the process was becoming needlessly complicated, everything’s been brutally simplified.

Once this is done, I’ll be off to the Gym, because this training really isn’t going to do itself. Plus it gives me a chance to PokemonGo on the way. What could possibly go wrong?

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