Beautiful Noise

That first cuppa was SUBLIME. Lemme just get a second one before I continue.

This is the day when it is okay to wake up at 6.45am and roll over and then back to sleep. There’s no concern about being late for anything, because races happen on Sundays. It is when breakfast tastes better, tea is undoubtedly 100% more appreciated, and I’m able to set an agenda without the worry it will be interrupted by anything untoward. Of course, stress does happen on the weekend, but it is of a different colour and taste to the weekly concerns.

There hasn’t been a really black mood now since the start of the year. That’s six months of me using my own tough love to pull everything out of the hole and avoid the edges wherever possible. Occasionally there’s a walk too close to unstable ground and the shift of dirt beneath, but instead of running into thin air, FINALLY, the other way’s more attractive. Yes, there are the moments of ‘I’m not good enough’ and ‘OMG how do I do this’ but the coping strategies kick in without fuss. That’s the key: no fuss. The rest of the World doesn’t need to worry about any of this. I have it covered.

Today I’ll be out in the Garden, in the Gym and at a keyboard. It is already a glorious day to be alive.

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