In the Beginning

Day One of Training: Early start, thanks to daughter doing homework at 6am. Shed is open and cooling down, intend to do an hour between one and two before I go pick her up from school, and then go do some upper body work at the Gym afterwards. Ideally, I should be exercising immediately after the morning School Run, which will start happening tomorrow. I just needed today to get the backlog of written work done and schedule as much as possible so that there’s no need to be at a keyboard any more than necessary.


Then, there is fuelling. I’ve readjusted My Fitness Pal and will RELIGIOUSLY be counting the calories. If I weigh myself every day there will undoubtedly not be the progress wanted, so I won’t be getting back on until this time next week, when I should have have burnt an inordinate amount of calories. There’s no honey in my tea either, it will be fruit sugars only, and in moderation. There are emergency flapjacks to cover the possibility of sugar crashes. I am ready to do this. The proof of the pudding (only fruit, no cream) and all that… it just needs to happen.


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