I didn’t think July 9th would end up being particularly significant in my year, but as it transpires, it is. Tomorrow will be, all things being equal, when I am able to cycle like an actual grown-up. I’m scheduling two and half hours of my evening to do just that. If you’d asked me a year ago if this would have been feasible, another of those ‘don’t be fucking stupid’ reactions would have taken place.

Today’s gym session was one of the most productive and powerful experienced for quite some time. Having returned to my previous heaviest weights, it’s getting close to the point where I can exceed them. I’d give myself a month, but (of course) we’ll be on holiday then and, to make sure I don’t lose impetus whilst away, there’ll be a series of body-focused exercises to take with me that can be done without gym equipment.

Next week already has the potential to be insane. At least I can be physically prepared for whatever happens.

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