Do It Again

Your reality is different to other people’s. Sure, we all live in a collective version of existence, but how that is individually perceived is vastly different from person to person. This is why there is an automatic gravitation to like-minded individuals, who agree with the same things we do, and won’t attack us should there be the desire to open up. When it is impossible to agree on basics, however, there will inevitably be conflict. Even best friends will differ on interests: when that happens, it becomes a measure of each person’s tolerance, that you will accommodate the variety, and celebrate it as normal and not an aberration.

Except, of course, not everybody thinks this is how it works.

Events of the last few weeks are leading me to grasp that my outlook on life is significantly different not only to that of my parents, but of lots of other stupid white people. These are the ones who only want men and women to marry, that would love to keep foreigners out of our country and jobs, that believe sexuality is binary. They are often deeply religious too, as if support of a God somehow allows all of these blinkered attitudes some kind of legitimacy. However, you don’t need an almighty arbiter as backup, though occasionally it is useful to have somebody else to blame.

More insidious still is the understanding that these beliefs are often passed down to children, without allowing them an opportunity to decide for themselves what matters most in existence. That whole ‘ignorance breeds ignorance’ thing is spot on, and I genuinely worry what certain parents think they will achieve with actions that, at least from a distance, make it feel as if humanity’s learnt nothing at all in the last 100 years. Add to that the doom-mongers who’ll have you believe anything that promotes independent thought is dangerous and…


The basis of all this, of course, is that men make the rules. Don’t start with me that this is a feminism diatribe, because that has nothing to do with integrating actual equality into institutions and progress. EVERYBODY IS EQUAL. Take away your extremist viewpoints and your desire for power and just STOP. No really, it doesn’t help anybody, and the almost destructive desire of many, many people to ignore some really fundamental truths is only making things worse. That’s why we need less people arguing on Social media and more working towards using individual human experiences for good.

My respect currently is garnered by those people who not only accept their own shortcomings and limits, but embrace those issues, using them for good. If all you do is spend all day spouting shit on Social media in the hope that you’ll up your follower count because other people retweet your shit to make them look good? Door’s over there. Ironically, the robots get a pass for this, because true random has a certain, innocent charm, about it. When it’s a person sitting their spouting bollocks, or pedalling something that could be considered quite close to hate speech, not so much.

In the last two months, three guys I’ve followed after conversations that were totally innocent on Social media have considered because I was polite, and can string a sentence together, that I might want sex with them. So, stupid white people, you have a choice here: accept that what you want is not as important as educating yourself, or we have nothing to say to each other. Oh, and I see you married men flirting with a random female each day to cover the dopamine hit that interaction gives you. Don’t be that guy. Get off the Internet and sort your fucking lives out.

Time is running out for your immortal soul.

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