Away We Go

I’m not writing this live, which may be a disappointment to some of you. Time is slowly running out: I’m travelling Monday and cycling Sunday, which means that at some point something had to give. This morning, instead of sitting here and writing blog posts I’ll be training, then taking my daughter to buy holiday clothing, then eating sushi before going to Excel in London to pick up my rider number for Sunday. With the temperature having been so hot all week, they’ve even sent out a health advisory today.

Yes, I got the memo about drinking more water last week.


I’ve also learnt some salient lessons about carb packing the night before: it didn’t do me any good at all and, in fact, I felt sick all day Sunday, which meant the food I should have eaten on the way wasn’t. This led to my ‘bonk’ about 35 miles in and that is NOT happening again in (potentially) 30 degree heat. It means normal meals, plus extra snacks on the route, plus hopefully more energy as there’s nothing really too stressful in 48 miles of car free roads. All I have to worry about is other people…


I think I’m less stressed about Sunday than I was about London to Southend because of the closed roads thing, but it is an earlier start and I have to ride into London a bit further. That means extra kip tomorrow and Saturday, so I’m not exhausted on Sunday.

I have no idea how I will be ready to go on holiday…

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