Day One :: Essex to Dijon

I’ve never driven across Europe before. When my husband suggested a trip (in his newly bought van) with the kids, it seemed like a good idea. On reflection it might have been smarter to wait a day after having completed a bike race, but you live and learn. Today was the ‘get miles between us and the UK’ section of proceedings: ferry from Dover, and then a drag across the eastern part of France heading south to Dijon.

France is one huge place, and there are wind farms everywhere. The road signs celebrate amazing places that you never see at the roadside: they’re hidden behind hills, or stuck on mountains. Parts of the drive today reminded me of California, except there’s no palm trees. It is incredibly hot at present, and sitting here in a hotel room (US President Wilson may have slept here, I need to check the validity of the statement) with no air conditioning, I wonder if this is normal.

This would be a fantastic place to visit, but we’re simply passing though, and that now seems like a bit of a shame. I’d love to explore the mix of ancient and modern, and spend some time poking around this part of the world, but tomorrow we’ll be gone, as we have 600 km to cover to make it into Italy by Tuesday evening. Sometimes, you need to turn down the small victories to get to the big prize. That’s in two days, and that makes this stop worth just passing through.

One response to “Day One :: Essex to Dijon”

  1. What a fantastic trip ahead of you. Hopefully you post lots of pictures:)
    The idea of being able to drive and go through many countries seeing new places always seems fascinating. It takes so long to drive anywhere in this country and I’m still in it at the end of my trip lol, I’d love to experience driving into a whole new country.


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