On Saturday night, after coming back from Somerset (and after a week of fitful kip) I went to bed as per normal, except for the pair of socks I was simply too tired to take off. The following morning, even though I didn’t have a stellar night in terms of hours unconscious, it was better, and has continued to be so, because the socks have stayed on. This morning, it was time to check whether I was imagining this improvement, or if there was some truth in a belief that warmer feet has been helping aid rest.



First hit is this article from Healthline, which would seem to indicate that yes, now that being too hot is but a distant memory, getting my body ready is as important as removing self from computers and other sources of visual distraction. I love it when a cure is discovered for summat that seemed like it could be a problem: all that is needed now is more than eight hours sleep in a night, but to do that there has to be an earlier bedtime, and that’s unlikely at least for the next few days.

Today is already a VERY good day.

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