After five blood donations, I can now categorically state it takes just under a week to return to a feeling of normality, and this will subsequently be factored into the timing of all future donations. My next one is New Year’s Eve, which works out just fine.

Now, onto the day’s plan:

When you read this I’ll be on a bike for a couple of hours: as I ride there is always plenty of time to think, though often brain becomes very clear and nothing happens inside the bonce. Some would say that’s healthy if the rest of the time it’s all noise and sound, but today there’s a plan. Clarity of thought is tough without sufficient rest, but doable with the right conducive environment. Therefore today, gonna try a bit of directed thought. I should consider them ‘oaffirmations’ as I’m a bit clumsy, perhaps?


Rather than stumbling between places and things with this barely-contained edge of panic about myself, it is time to breathe and focus on positive thinking. My mind is particularly good at being programmed right now, the exercise has proven that in spades, so if we can apply this to the mental and spiritual sides of things, who knows what might happen as a result, and the only means by which this is tested is to try.

I’d considered all this stuff  pointless rubbish until I started doing a daily motivation series. After nearly a year? It does work. 

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