The Way We Were

We are all time travellers, not just the lass with the cracking taste in clothing and the northern accent. How the past is perceived is as individual as our personal experiences. Only now is the significance of this becoming clear, and for some of us it is the final step on an extremely important journey. Liberation comes in many forms, after all.

It is time to move away from certain parts of my life. It is grasping that if real change is what is sought, somewhere else stuff has to alter.ย So, we’ll start with the basics. Social media can become where I rant, shout and scream and only the people who want to participate do so in return.ย A while ago I reached out to someone, offering them prizes for an event they were doing, only to be completely and summarily ignored.

It was the crowbar needed to reassess everything I do with ‘friends’ online.

Going forward, lots of things are going to be different.

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