Lying Eyes

Day One of a new regime and it is as if I’m the only one paying attention. Even with pitiful amounts of sleep last night the enthusiasm to work and move forward is here in spades. The first page of the novel being entered for an October 1st deadline almost edited itself, but will require more thought and adjectival input than is currently available. What is needed now after pushing VERY hard at the Gym is tea and some planning for other projects.

Deciding not to write any poetry this week was exactly the right move.

I’ve also decided to go ‘cold’ into a NaNoWriMo project this year and not try and resurrect something already half written. Currently we’re in ‘four characters looking for a plot’ territory but the bones are there, and that is all that matters.

Leave that with me.


The first page of this wrote itself too. I am quite excited.

Let’s see where we end up going…

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