Valley of the Dolls

Everything has gone out of the window since Monday, not even the Planner has been completed properly, and the reason is quite simple. There’s no need. If I’m going to undertake a month’s worth of major content, this week needed to be fallow. I have got my 5k submission sorted (just needs a light trim) and tomorrow we’ll get a month’s worth of the episodic short story back on the table. After THAT? It is three days of prep for Symphony which starts on Monday. It’ll all be on the IOW Website. You can look interested over there.

Friends Not Followers.png

Also, as a result of extensive studies, Twitter is no longer here to be a measure of anything except those people decent enough to hold a conversation without expecting summat in return. I’ve had enough of the clamour. Time to just interact with those people who actually care. That will undoubtedly see me haemorrhaging more followers but honestly, it’s been like that for six months now, and yet the figures are awesome.

It transpires you don’t need to have people following you to be successful, WHO KNEW?


P.S.: After today’s Gym session? Weights are going up starting next week. Strength is undoubtedly improving. It’s ALL GOOD.

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