Evil Woman

This is Day Three of Doing Stuff Differently and as yet there is no desire to stop bolding words or alter approach. In fact, all told, this is going pretty well.

My weight is doing what I expected would happen in the first few days of a major dietary change: if we’re still here in two weeks there can be further tweaks, but for now this feels reassuringly comfortable. The killer will be tomorrow when I get on the Biometric scales and they tell me exactly how much of all this is fat to lose. The amount of new muscle is sizeable, especially around my trunk and legs. At least two pairs of old trousers are now unwearable because of this.

There’s also a sea change around how content’s produced: once the serialised content is back on track (which will happen tomorrow, because it’s already there and just needs editing) I’m getting pretty good at keeping on top of the Twitter stuff. The writing site will have some catch-up on it but I’ll be dedicating November to NaNoWriMo again, so that shortfall gets covered by the Haiku project. Then, in December, it’ll be time to alter everything again because change is good.

Needless to say, I’m all over this.


They say that it helps to have a nemesis to focus on in order to make sure your enthusiasm is never defeated. Many people make this another person. My enemies are procrastination, sloth and inactivity. To keep moving, producing and thinking is quite exhausting at times but I’ve seen what happens when the forward motion ceases, and it’s not pretty. The benefits of multiple bad guys means you never get to take your eye off the blocks.

Game Over is not an option.

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