You can see my brain shortcomings in this tweet. I have a habit of word repetition in instant responses; one of the things being worked at going forward is to lose the pointless stuff via the immediacy of social media speech. Two ‘just’s in a row might seem a pretty nit-picky hill to die on, but it has an important, psychological significance to a woman who’s been fighting her ability to communicate for decades.

Now we’ve got the upper hand there is no giving up.


I’ve just come back from the third day in the Gym, in a row. There’ll be a rest day on Friday, plus I’m away for the weekend on what’s being semi-subtitled as a writing retreat and which includes a couple of hours in a Spa. I’m intending then to run outside, because its closed roads and no pressure, but I could easily ride instead. However, what is abundantly apparent is that harder stuff is becoming easier. If the amount of sweat over the last three days is any indicator, I’m DEFINITELY improving. Weights were up, distances are extended, weight is down.

This is a new area of unexplored territory.

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