To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before

Yeah, I had the weekend off. It involved a phenomenal amount of walking, very little if any time on Social media, and the redefinition of a lot of future plans. It was also hugely enjoyable, quite indulgent in places with more than a side order of outstanding natural beauty. Oh, and there were frozen margaritas and Corona. That’s more alcohol consumed in a weekend than I’ve managed in about six months. It reminds me that an occasional loosener is never a bad thing.

I’ll upload the pictures to Flickr shortly; needless to say it was a brilliant weekend for photography. The brightness of the last-gasp Indian summer meant about six changes of clothes a day, but that was hardly an issue. I played badminton, not at all badly. There was running, and for large periods of time my brain fabulously just switched off.

Still in off mode now, truth be told. That’ll change in the morning.

See you there.

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