Breakfast in Bed


It has been some time since waking up after exercise and being unable to move. Even now, two days after the first Blaze class ever finished, I’m struggling. Legs need more work, fear of running long distance needs to be overcome. This week, mentally and physically, has been a test and yup, we’re winning. Today was supposed to be a trip to London but as that is now next week, it’ll be the gym in an hour and then back to work.

NaNo double pledge day is today: that’s done, and plot is self-sustaining at present. This proves the point that having at least a vague idea of destination brings benefit: characters are writing themselves, and if allowed to talk unhindered provide surprising depth and back-story without prompts. There will be a brick wall, always is, but for now the only worry is how everything else fits in around this, and that’s already being dealt with.

Remember not to panic.


Next up, it’s sorting the archive poetry, writing a bit about a convention in California, and then there’s a treadmill north-east of here with my name on it.

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