Different Class

This has taken all day to write. Funny how that works sometimes.

I think it may be time to stop caring about consequence and just start saying what matters at the time far more than has previously been the case. Yes, I got quite angry yesterday, but on reflection it was exactly the right thing to do, because it has taught a personal lesson. You will never please everybody.ย Refusing to read criticism, not getting involved in Internet spats, pretending somehow that you are immune to the bad shit in the World? Never gonna happen. This is the future, and only those prepared to move with the speed of change are likely to survive.

This is absolutely not the moment to get cold feet and take a Twitter break.

Reality online is, right now, a genuinely scary prospect.ย So much, all the time, in ears and eyes that can often simply give up from overexposure. So, it is time to get out the metaphorical rubbing alcohol and begin toughening up.ย I can see more blocks and mutes in the future too, from (in the main) middle aged men who seem to believe that they can sit and pontificate on all manner of issues without reproach. As long as they aren’t mean to their wives or upset their mates, everybody’s okay with them shitting on creative endeavour.

Newsflash, fanboys. You’re on time. Take your warped perception of reality and get the fuck outta here.ย The future is gaming companies taking the zeitgeist and shoving it up your own selfish arseholes. They don’t care about the noise you make and, as it transpires, neither do the rest of us. There’s only so many lives you get to ruin before the buck drops on you. I hope you can lift, bro, because nobody’s gonna help you out when all this drops. Oh, and if you wanna come have a fight about it? Yeah, I’m ready.

It is time for men-children to grow up and grasp that sometimes, it’s not about them. Actually, let’s be honest. It was never about them to begin with. Get over yourselves.

Break’s over.ย Time to get back to work.

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