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Yesterday was a bit shit, but everything is fine now.

So, Attenborough is kopping flack today because he recognises what he does is entertain first and inform second and his new show won’t sex up the terrible stuff that’s happening to the planet. He sees his work as an antidote to the bad shit, and shouldn’t add to it. I absolutely get that, and honestly if you wanna condemn people for not being honest, this is not your target. He’s easy and high profile and the Guardian should know better. Except, more and more in our lives there are conflicts of interest.

When you’re only given a ‘Like’ button as a response, how does one highlight stupidity and wrongdoing?

You don’t attack those who have consistently highlighted the goodness in the world for not doing enough, that’s for damn sure. You look at those who are supposed to tell us the truth but decide to lie, plead ignorance or blame others. You find better things to make news about. It’s not like there no newsworthy stuff out there to begin with, guys. Pick one from hundreds of low-hanging fruit, but leave the stuff that’s done no wrong alone, and don’t make him look like an idiot when he’s doing a pretty decent job to begin with.


I used to subscribe to New Scientist. My dad had read it for years, and for the time I was subbed the quality of content was interesting, but not stellar. I didn’t resubscribe, and despite my best efforts to remove myself from their mailing list, they keep sending me shit. Today, however, I will be making sure not only they stop sending me things I don’t want, but that I strongly disapprove of the people they choose to take money from.

I’ve had reservations since the NS Twitter feed did a series of tweets highlighting aspects of a particular petroleum company’s business, sponsored by that exact same company. That’s not how impartial journalism works, guys, you can’t get away with that stuff without someone raising an eyebrow. Then, some frankly amazing marketing gumpf appears in my inbox. The killer is that this company, who support NS’s ‘journalism’ thinks I’d even want to be sold investment opportunities.


At the bottom of the advert trying to make timeshares in the UAE sound like how we could all save mankind, there’s the killer legal jargon: ‘any dissemination, distribution, copying or other use of this message or any of its content by any person other than the Intended Recipient may constitute a breach of civil or criminal law and is strictly prohibited.’ I’m now going to spend the time to ensure that NS don’t have any of my details left on file, and that there’s no chance they can send me targeted mail ever again. I don’t want your version of truth anywhere near me, thank you very much.

I’d also like a Dislike button on Twitter as a matter of some import.

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