Run for Home

191118Here’s the plan. The aim is five hours a week MINIMUM on cycle/treadmill. PT/Weights are counted separately. Thursday is Blaze. Wednesday and Sunday I play badminton with my daughter for an hour. Saturday therefore by necessity becomes ‘fuck me what was I thinking doing this’ Day.

Cycling: I’m on Week Two of an FTP Builder Workout Programme, that finishes December 23rd (just in time for Christmas.) Then I’ll free cycle for a bit. Needless to say, the difference to leg fitness is beginning to show, especially on the Badminton court.

Running: Trying to get up to 10 minutes a Gym session, using the same programme used for cycling so it can be tracked on Strava (see above.) Trying to juggle multiple recording devices for exercise is HARD kids, but it is only for my personal benefit and to then know how much I can eat as a trade off.

This is to finally allow me to run gradients for Blaze. It’s also to help up a woefully small lung capacity thanks to that bout of pneumonia just over a decade ago.

I’ll tell you what, sleep’s not a problem right now.


If you wonder where I am in the next month or so, the chances are I’m sweating somewhere…

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