We have the health side of things sorted. Time to fix the output online.


Once upon a time I wrote a daily blog about the thing that mattered most in my life at the time. That interest has now been superseded. Therefore, finally, comes the acknowledgement that there must be change of both interest and direction. Of course, I’ll still write about gaming, but that part of life no longer holds the significance it once did. It is time to move on.


I really like the simplicity of this layout, so don’t expect any major artistic alteration any time soon. There’s a push for more immersive interactivity on websites, but for me that’s all a waste of time. This is not a place to sell you shit or get you to sign up to a newsletter. It’s where the contents of my brain are presented. That demands nothing fancy. Choose to read, or don’t. It should be content defining that decision.

Therefore, there ought be more of that going forward.


What is added is now up for consideration. To the thirty or so people who regularly read here each week: what would YOU like to see me tackle? Shove a note in the comments, and I’ll seriously consider your suggestions. I know what I’d like to include: technology, current affairs, the occasional review, history and politics. If you have any particular interests, now is the time to voice them.

See, I can do interaction.

2 thoughts on “Queer

  1. OK, I meant to comment on this last week, but as usual a little late to the party. My three main areas of interest are education (obviously), tech and current affairs. Seeing as tech and current affairs are on your radar, I would love to see some more of those covered here. So, definitely some of those subjects with Alt shooting from the hip, just like the old days.


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