Let’s Get Physical

I did think this week would end up as significant. There’s been something in the air for a while. Maybe it is because of the inevitability of hard work, that eventually if you allow willing minds the opportunity to grasp progress on their own terms… or perhaps it was simply the right time for all this shit to come together. Who knows. Sitting here I feel different, from top of head to soles of feet. Feet particularly are in a good place right now, which means that all that running must actually be having a positive effect.

In fact, I’m putting serious thought to going and doing some more after this.


The desire to run seems to be quite complex. I’m not off, Forrest Gump stylee, instead it’s the foundations of making the sessions count. Also, it has an almost instant effect on my waistline, which is no bad thing. That’s not just about the exercise either. Looking at my food logging over the last week, there’s been a comprehension leap. Plus *cough* I rather enjoy it *cough* so maybe that is what should matter the most.

What that does mean is that this weekend, a long overdue review of running playlists will be undertaken, and some new music inserted into the ears. If mentally this about moving forward, that should embrace some new tunes along the way…

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