2000 Miles

Next month’s content is pretty much sorted. Now, all that has to happen is the organisation. Yesterday was brilliant for several reasons in that regard: not only did the backlog of archiving and organising finally happen, but almost 200 minutes of exercise was slotted in between.

#Blogmas is gonna happen on the Writing site. Here, you can expect the normal level of whittering, with an occasional lapse into seriousness. The Twitters are gonna be full of Festive Love, Haiku and a .GIF advent calendar, because people seem to like this. Poetry has become the handy go-to ability to get me through the Xmas period, though I’ve left it too late this year to insert crafting into the mix. Not sure what people will get for Christmas this year as a result. I should probably give that some thought too this week.


Right then, LET’S GO.

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