If This is It

Looking back on this week, undoubtedly this will be the moment when a particular meme comes back to haunt me:


A spectacular amount has been accomplished in November, including taking bodies of work produced over the last 18 months and placing them in a setting that is deserving of my efforts. Slowly, but surely, the plan is coming together. On the flip-side, an ability to communicate in my personal life is emerging, kicking and screaming from the burnt remains of previous failure. This is not pleasant; every setback is painful, an upsetting process of reinvention, as is recalled every time a certain room at the Gym gets walked into.

However, undoubtedly, progress is taking place. Typing that enough times does make it real.

The next step is to try and improve my domestic skills. I’m starting basic and realistic, after a couple of false starts, but there are a couple of sure-fire recipes that seems to lend themselves to my neophyte skill-set. Also, it gives something to stick on the Instagram feed, which is now being reinvented after the writing website got an upgrade.

This is my scheduled reminder that every day is a School day.

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