Strange Days

DAY 2: Everything is out of place. I feel like brain’s been rifled through by unseen hands and all the important stuff moved to different places, which forces thought and time between what were normally easy actions. Blaze class this morning has been cancelled. Yes, it could be done, but not to the standard that is normally possible, and this is something that’s not being done by halves. The scheduled stuff needs to wait, too, as this has to be written first.


It is all a bit *crinkles face* difficult today. Not hard, or painful or stressful, just difficult. Having to concentrate on what keys get pressed to form words. Feeling parts of my body that have clearly never vanished but now appear to be more sensitive. Having to listen really hard to conversations or requests… but beneath all this, undoubtedly, there’s a vitality and strength that has only recently emerged. Body’s working really well here, now all that has to happen is to connect that to a fully working brain…


This is cold turkey from a sugar addiction. It makes me really glad I’ve never have to do this from prescription drugs, or indeed any drug, because if this is the result just from sugar… HOOOOO BOOOOY. Previously I’ve not gone the full hog. I’d cheat even before I begun, but yesterday’s nothing at all hasn’t been nearly the shock expected. Today is the first day of Huel too, which is making me wonder whether doing this is a good idea or not.

Fuck it. You never know until you try.

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