Beautiful Noise

DAY 3: This is new. Sure, all the thoughts are a mess again this morning but my basic functions are WAY more alive and capable. I was out sitting in the car waiting for my daughter feeling far less stressed than would normally be the case on a school day. There was enough cognisance to write a School Run tweet this morning, and that’s not happened since Half Term. I am, undoubtedly sharper than I was on Sunday. Is is the lack of sugar, the Huel, or both?

This is daughter’s last day, and Dad is taking a bunch of them from School to a friend’s house for the afternoon. That allows me to do a proper hard Gym session followed by a massage, and to not stress about driving anywhere in the process. It also gives me extra time for editing and organisation, something that’s going to be used for an audit of what gets done in a normal day, and how that can become far more efficient.

No, I will not spend the extra time playing video games.


Gonna aim to Huel after I’ve exercised, using a protein bar as temporary distraction between Gym and massage. I have the day’s scheduled content all set and ready to go. Tomorrow, we’ll be doing a bit of a special two blog crossover THING between here and the Writing place, because the 20th is the day when… nope, can’t tell you yet.

Not long to wait now.

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