All Kinds of Everything

Day 6: Where to start?

It’s down. We take that, on the run-up to Christmas, and continue to ignore the almost tsunami of sugar hurtling towards me in the next 10 days. My trainer is off for three weeks in January so I’ll be largely fending for myself, and I’d like her to come back to some real progress. No, this weight loss isn’t for me. It’s to show someone else that sacrifice really does give benefit. I get the results, everybody is happier because I am. Or at least that’s the theory.

I promised I wouldn’t go on about this, but there’s one more thing to say about The Internet Poem.

This, everybody, is my first cold critique for… ooh, probably since college, so that’s over thirty years ago, and I’m immensely proud of it. ‘Spikiness and formal exactitude’ is as close to a perfect description of me as you’re ever likely to get too, I feel that might be why W.S Graham’s work so appeals to me. You see something in a kindred spirit… but it has more to do with how angry I was when this was written.

This was produced off the back of some real nasty business on Social media, and instead of taking that back to the source or writing a whiny, unfocused blog post, all that vitriol went into what really is a decent ape, though I do say so myself. This elegy for deleted time is given for those souls who do not yet understand or grasp their moral compasses and decency has died on the Internet. Maybe the tide will turn next year, but on current content, it’s doubtful.

I need to write more about the Internet in 2019.

Holidays have started. Nothing formal is planned. There’ll be walking, cycling, writing and gaming. However, above all else, there will be sleeping.

When you read this, that’s where I’ll be.

Thank you for your understanding.

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