Til There Was You

Day 7: I dunno if it is because the pressure is off, and I don’t have to be anywhere particularly or doing specific stuff, but today has already been a bit of an emotional dumping ground. There is nothing wrong with this, but coupled with what is undoubtedly extreme physical fatigue and a hip/back niggle that flared up into full on FUCK THIS HURTS on waking up this morning… I’m shattered, and nothing has happened yet.

It’s the horrendous combination of emotional plus physical drain. If only one happens, the other compensates, but when it is both at once… nope. Inevitably, these would also be the days when food consumption increased as a balance for both but today, nope. It’s a whole big day of not doing that. Instead, we’ll push on and get other stuff done, not move about too much and just do some light cycling later as exercise.

In fact, that is what will happen for the next week.


There’s still a bunch of stuff on Saturday’s To Do List that can get knocked off, and after that a ton of subsidiary stuff could do with poking. Honestly however, what needs to happen is nothing at all. No real thinking, just relaxation, and the sooner that the stuff that I should have done is covered, the better it gets to do that.

BRB, knocking off the essentials so I can snooze on the sofa.

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