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Day 8: Gym-ed this morning. Considering how awful last night’s kip was, I take that as a triumph. Went shopping and was quietly stunned at how quiet things were. Maybe now it is apparent that online shopping has destroyed the traditional notion of ‘going to the Town Centre’ once and for all, perhaps local councils can start looking to retail space as  homes or for different use. Or, perhaps has been the case in my town this Christmas, people will just set fire to empty and unused spaces and let them burn to the ground…


It is certainly cold enough for snow, but our micro-climate is having none of it, so it will be bright sunshine for Tuesday. We’re doing kind of traditional but not really, as is the case now for some years. Because even I’m not that stupid, the ‘no sugar’ regime’s been dropped until (probably) Thursday because there is dinner at my parents on Wednesday and that’s not worth the fight. Plus this makes giving blood on New Years Eve a lot easier because massive excess of food = good means by which I don’t suffer so much with the blood loss.

I have lots already planned for next week.

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