The World is Turning

DAY 11: I deleted yesterday’s blog attempt, because on reflection it wasn’t helping anybody, especially me. A lack of routine has become self-destructive over time. Doing nothing is a perfectly acceptable diversion, undoubtedly, but it is far more sensible to focus attention and direction along a path. It’s why gaming was a constant when everything else wouldn’t support management. Being able to impose routine has distinct advantages to those of us who struggle without.

My Fitbit was broken the week before Christmas, giving Father Xmas the opportunity to replace it with the far smaller (and a lot less painful on my wrists) Charge 3. I also have the heart rate monitor that is specifically designed to record my Blaze classes, that (fortunately) can do everything else too, including running, so it will get used quite a bit going forward. In fact, there’s already been both Xmas Day and Boxing Day cycling which will be completed as often as is possible. There just needs to be weights as balance, which is going to happen once the backlog is broken here.

There’s a bit of paranoia now with the HRM that working out will become more stressful whilst in competition: to compensate, nickname that my belt uses is my gamer tag. This quite effectively removes all issues, because I was always used to being bottom of the damage meters, plus it is no longer about being told to get better. The only pressure to improve comes from myself. It’s also quite satisfying being able to reverse that mindset when I go back into games.


After that? There’s a small/modest ‘Things to do in 2019’ list, the prospect of more stuff that could be won, and a pretty significant pile of editing. So much so, January is not about starting fresh on a bunch of stuff but finishing what is not yet complete. That’s how today will start and finish.

This year, the slate doesn’t need wiping clean, but expanding.

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