Day 8: If it’s Tuesday, it must be an AM Gym trip.

This felt VERY hard. Yellow is ACTUAL hard. This demonstrates a brain/body disparity situation that will have increasingly less to do with blood loss and more with me being lazy. First Blaze class is on Thursday. We’ll see how hard body can function then.

Not gonna lie, already a bit nervous.

Plans are afoot to reorganise the Work Twitter a bit today. After promising myself a re-edit of the Bondfic (and having to go find the means of converting a .PDF into summat editable without having to donate a kidney to Adobe) Duet is my relaxation project back on the roster. It’s Fanfic, I can do what I like with it, and a lot has changed in my writing ability in the last few years. It will be better, but not at the expense of ACTUAL WORK.


He’s right, you know.

The poetry being produced for the next deadline has already made me cry once. I’m going back to it shortly. Probably ought to have a cuppa standing by…

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